Sunday, April 18, 2010

Through The Night

The Balloon GirlImage by Swamibu via Flickr
We have achieved several milestones this month, exclusively representing the complete spectrum of 18-30's culture, literally. Nothing is sacred, if it's going to be a good laugh then we're in. Yesterday was Record Store Day, but it was also the celebration of a friend's birthday and The Venue, New Cross celebrated 21 years. The nightclub in New Cross Road has a long history as a place of entertainment. It opened as the New Cross Super Kinema in 1925, with a cinema on the ground floor and the New Cross Palais de Danse above, as well as a cafe. The name was shortened to New Cross Kinema from 1927, the plain Kinema in 1948, and finally Gaumont in 1950. It closed in August 1960, and remained derelict for some time. Part of the building was demolished before the old dance hall became The Harp Club and then The Venue in the late 1980's.

Our night started at the Red Barn, Barnehurst and although I don't share the view that I'm eccentric, friends provided mixed reactions to the hairstyle and clothes. Each to their own! After we had congregated at the train station, we headed on the South Eastern service towards New Cross. It has been several years since we last graced the dance floor but it had that familiar feel. The night was for anyone who made friends, met their partners, married partners or had kids with partners they met at The Venue! I wasn't interested in the nostalgia because I needed a night out and wasn't disappointed. I had expected to occupy the Star Bar (Indie), instead the Main Hall was where we were for the duration. Then we proceeded to dance to Queen, Snakebite was predictably spilt down our clothes, 'Jay Z' made an appearance and popping balloons became an obsession. Unfortunately, not everyone shared our commitment and I was nearly rugby tackled later in the evening by these girls who were very protective. And we will show the Balloon Poppers... that they can not take whatever they want! And that these... these are our balloons! There were several different groups of friends involved in the celebrations, I was introduced to their full repertoire of moves that are beyond my realm!!! The showpiece ended with a call from Tenerife, I shall be glad when the flight restrictions are over because absence may make the heart fonder but I miss her loads!

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