Sunday, April 04, 2010

Going The Distance

kinder egg 1 of 3Image by Calamity Meg via Flickr
Easter approved this message! I wish I had acted quicker in purchasing those delightful chocolate eggs that everyone craves because yesterday was not resurrecting! Anyway, I want to focus on yesterday evening, not the largest attendance to a birthday gathering, especially the 30 milestone. Facebook isn't core to arrangements as I understand everyone has commitments. Regardless though, those that made an appearance I would like to thank you for participating in celebrating with me on the night! 

I opted for a local adventure and wasn't disappointed, Ivory Lounge had provided various shows and performances for the duration. I held a snake which wasn't originally on the agenda for the evening, I have held snakes before but they have a unique feel which I still find foreign. Several 'bunnies' on stilts made an appearance and we left shortly afterwards as we were concerned that we wouldn't make the other venue to meet everyone else. Pure has longer queue times than a theme park ride but we were soon inside and on the dance floor. It was disappointing that my youngest brother (+bf) weren't able to participate due to their age but my other siblings were there with their partners. We had an amazing night and there are a few side stories that I will refrain from writing about to save the wildlife!!! Today I briefly saw the children and they assisted as I wrote the longest birthday message ever, literally! The next few days should be epic, especially tonight as my partner reaches her own milestone at midnight. We're going to have to change our entire playlist now!!!

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