Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Access Denied

{14} fear of rejectionImage by KatieL366 via Flickr
Whilst in Brighton I found out that my first choice university had rejected my application due to insufficient/relevant qualifications. This was a disappointment for the weekend because the intention was to escape from the constant rejection from job applications but impossible with smart phones. Unfortunately today the admissions tutor for another choice has informed me that they will not be able to make an offer. They stated that they were willing to consider relevant work or life experience, but this needs to be supplemented by evidence of recent formal study. I suspect that the other applications will eventually reach a similar conclusion which is frustrating. I'm flexible and depending on the outcome of the other applications, there is still a good chance I will find another course through Clearing. Clearing is a service available between July and September, but for most people it is used after the exam results are published in August. It can help people without a university or college place to find suitable vacancies on higher education courses.
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