Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be My Little Rock And Roll Queen

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The Hype Machine is an MP3 blog aggregator created by Anthony Volodkin that I use frequently to source new music. I often read the full posts from the original source that become popular to determine whether I should subscribe to the blogs based on the content. I'm often exposed to competitions, and recently I entered through thelineofbestfit.com for a chance to see A Place to Bury Strangers perform at Heaven. I'm always interested in experiencing music that I haven't heard before and was excited to learn that I had secured two tickets for the show. The opening act were The Megaphonic Thrift, their material was heavily instrumental and the lead vocalist had a unique method of playing his guitar. During the set my partner and I unveiled several intricate dance routines that we had earlier sampled on YouTube from the Midnight Beast. I don't think the crowd approved, especially not the security guard who appeared to be watching carefully in case arms were shown?! The only equipment I noticed was from the Live Nation camera man. Admittedly I have been to a few gigs and the majority of the photographers have these huge over sized cameras. Not the Live Nation camera man, he say no and used what appeared to be a disposable camera. Crocodile were the next act and the lead reminded me of Johnny Quid from RocknRolla with his stage presence. APTBS finished proceedings with a solid performance and the lighting from behind was impressive. The only complaint from the night was that I felt the vocal levels for the venue weren't sharp and could have been louder. An enjoyable evening though and will follow each acts progress over the coming months!
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