Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karma Is My Boyfriend

You're fined....Image by theboybg via Flickr
If we sow goodness, then we will reap goodness. I really enjoyed Brighton and the Great Escape has definitely left a lasting impression. Experiencing the entire weekend for a tenner was full of goodness but today whilst in the bank, karma struck. 

I returned to the car to collect my partner from school and received a parking ticket! How do I like those apples?! Especially as the amount I paid into the bank was less than the parking ticket that I received. I attempted to bargain with the parking attendant but realised this was always going to be a waste of time. Although the weekend provided an escape, great music and a chance to experience another city, this brought everything back to reality. I need to find suitable employment soon because all fun and no work makes for being a poor boy...

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