Monday, May 03, 2010

Stop Right There

LONDON - DECEMBER 13:  (L-R) Spice Girls Victo...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Yesterday we travelled to the Venue, New Cross, the proceedings were organised to celebrate my sister's birthday. I was only there recently with friends so it appears that the nightclub is definitely flavour of the month. Although the night was for my sister, we started at different locations with the objective to meet in New Cross. I didn't see any waved flags to indicate a false start but I definitely started badly because I had indigestion which isn't this seasons hottest trend. I managed to recover but before even travelling to The Venue, I found that I was displaying my torso, I regret tattoos for this very reason!

The night took hold and we managed to miss the final train, we were fortunate that a generous friend decided to assist and soon found ourselves in New Cross. The theme was Spice Girls but we didn't manage to experience their performance, instead we occupied the Indie room but after trading shoes we realised that it was far too intimate!! I hardly saw my sister but I was introduced to many people, I also felt that we spent too much time on the stairs! Afterwards we enjoyed a 'Jamaican Party' and the bus journey home was different and I'm sure that someone dropped a grenade?!

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