Saturday, May 08, 2010

Where The Wild Things Were

Where The Wild Things Are: finalImage by jaredchapman via Flickr
The time that I spend with the children has been minimal lately, I feel that they're being influenced and that hurts! This morning it seemed like they were making excuses why they didn't want to see me but eventually I managed to tempt them with Where The Wild Things Are at the cinema. I was surprised that this was still available to view on the big screen, even more when I was informed that the price was only £1 entry for each of us!! The movie was really enjoyable and it appeared that my son related to the character Max. He advised that he would be willing to travel away on a small boat, and later took a bite out of my arm! Afterwards we travelled to my house, a disagreement with my son about his attitude led to him wanting to leave so I took them both to their grandparents. The decision was made for me as he wanted to wait in the car until he could leave. Their mother wasn't willing to assist but I presume her views are the reason they have changed their stance towards me recently!

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