Saturday, May 01, 2010

Deadmau5 N Stuff

Deadmau5 @ Ultra Music FestivalImage by Drew "Rukes" Ressler via Flickr
There are many unique celebrity names, I was influenced by the movie industry and a musician when branding my children. When I actively participated in the Xbox Live community I used the alias shreddies after the popular cereal. Not exactly innovative, unlike an incident where a mouse crawled into a computer and died which inspired Joel Zimmerman. Otherwise known as deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) abbreviated because Dead Mouse was too long for a site login name!

Deadmau5 has gone on to become a progressive house and electro house producer from Toronto, Canada and I'm still waiting for the right opportunity to break into the music industry. Or break into his house, I seriously need the 'mau5mask' that he wears during his performances. Deadmau5 had sold out his inaugural show at O2 Academy Brixton and although a further two consecutive dates were announced, we managed to secure tickets for the opening performance Friday evening! The night started at a friends, he and his partner who are both people I have worked with are moving to Manchester. I'm excited for them because it's the opportunity he has been waiting for and if I get accepted at University I will be able to see them regularly. The start of the night was really good and we managed a steady build-up which made the journey to Brixton an exciting adventure. We were fortunate with the buses and the eventual arrival was relieving although not for everyone! The bar queues were excessive but when we finally made our way to the front area, Deadmau5 took centre stage which was timed to perfection. The 90 minute set was solid but I was more impressed with the DJ booth structure first unveiled at Coachella and the "Mau5head" which is basically a video screen. I want one of these now!! The digital graphics and visuals are inspiring, especially the Mau5head which comes alive through the duration of the set. I managed to unleash many shapes, and removed several items of clothing too! Why people wanted to randomly pose for photos with me was a new experience though but can't complain!! NB Don't eat the chicken!

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