Sunday, May 09, 2010

Requests Only

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We received an invitation to participate in a music video for my brothers band the Internal Skars and had to attend. The location was the ESP Studios in Greenhithe near Bluewater Shopping Centre, situated between Dartford and Gravesend. The venue provides full back line equipment and have a 24 track recording suite. We arrived early, enabling the chance to attempt playing the drums. Thankfully I was a success and managed to convince my partner that I actually played! After collecting her sister from Bluewater the proceedings started. We managed to collect some props on route but didn't really need to worry that much. When the Internal Skars eventually took to the stage, I found myself in a spiderman costume with my partner riding rodeo on my back wearing the black spiderman mask! We accept advance bookings only?! The night went well although unsure about the finale by certain individuals in the crowd but the spectacle was a success and I look forward to watching the edited video when it's made available online!!

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