Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Took You So Long?

The Courteeners @ BenicĂ ssimImage by fiberfib via Flickr
Liverpool and Manchester's finest are marked indelibly on my body for decorative purposes, which is probably strange that I didn't decide to commit to higher education in those cities. Admittedly, that wasn't possible for Liverpool but I became frustrated waiting for a university in Manchester to decide whether they would consider offering a place and accepted Leeds. Whether the university would have considered the application, I won't ever know but I hope that I made the right decision. I reference tattoos because I believed that Oasis were Manchester's finest, since they have separated then who would pick up the mantle? I feel tonight that question has been answered because The Courteeners were amazing. For the iTunes festival, it was definitely third time lucky; the belief that the third time something is attempted is more likely to succeed than the previous two attempts.

There was attitude, energy, enthusiasm and I shared the company with two other people who share the same surname as my partner. That's her real surname not the one on Facebook! They were her sisters and I envy their bond because I wish my siblings would accompany me to gigs and festivals. Instead like Father they prefer to operate as individuals!! I really enjoyed The Courteeners, I have seen them perform earlier in the year at Koko but this was on their terms and I was buzzing afterwards. The Opener definitely left a lasting impression, most notably on other people that were pushed into the baying mosh pit during the chorus! I loved their entire set and Liam Fray deserves to be recognised as carrying the baton for Manchester. I'm hoping to attend the iTunes festival finale next weekend, Biffy Clyro I hope will offer a similar spectacle!!

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