Wednesday, September 01, 2010

You Can Eat My Pudding

The Ghost cinemaImage by phill.d via Flickr
I had a dentist appointment today, the reason being that I broke a filling and wanted it fixed before heading to university. It's amazing how things change when you qualify for free health care. Claiming jobseekers allowance I figured that I would be able to get a replacement, instead I only qualified for it to be patched up which was disappointing. I returned home and feeling aggrieved I posted an entry to a competition, complaining that I should win because I couldn't feel my mouth. I shortly received an email that I had won 2 VIP tickets to Dinner for Schmucks in London, including food and drink. I anticipated the red carpet treatment and to dine with the stars, okay I got slightly carried away with the moment! The VIP treatment involved a private screening at Paramount Pictures but we missed out on refreshments because we were behind schedule. I enjoyed the movie, I admit it wasn't what I expected but there were plenty of laugh out loud scenes. Steve Carrell's character is hilarious, he taxidermies mice and arranges them into elaborate dioramas, exactly!! Afterwards we were faced with one of our hardest decisions; whether to have a meal or enjoy cocktails. The meal was the more attractive and we opted for Nandos. It was my brothers birthday and after we had eaten, my partner and I headed in his direction but it was late and he wasn't feeling our enthusiasm. Instead we travelled home to have a celebration of our own!
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