Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rush Hours!!

Today was one big rush and I admit I was running around with a short temper from the start as wanted today to go really well. Woke and surprised my girl with the gifts I had got her as she was holding out for Uggs from her sisters holiday. After eventually getting up and ready the first hurdle was the eBay items to ship and I managed to do that although was a lot to get together and add to that the worry of slipping up. After a quick pit stop with my girl it was onwards to Bluewater. She had wanted to come along but with the pace I am thankful she didn't especially as I turned the air blue with my journey. Arrived with seconds to spare at the hair dressers and it was completed fifteen minutes before my sons play was due to start. Rocketed over to the school and caught the introduction to the children and sat down to the delight of my boy who was like a Cheshire Cat...

He didn't mind me taking photos but then once other people got on the case he lost his nerve and wasn't impressed. Slipping down the side of his chair and poking the boy next to him. Was sweet seeing him all organised and committed to his role. I had been told he was a sheep but he was much better being a Soldier Boy haha! After the play I waited with some friends whilst their mum took off and then went down to the shop to pick up cards and chocolate. Well pushed it for time anyway and the highlight of card shopping was my son picking out a Happy 50th. I didn't get that though as my daughter advised otherwise. Anyway eventually got the cards written out dropped them to my mums and then arrived at my girls to have a cup of tea and now head off to watch Mary Poppins courtesy of her sister. Well excited!!