Saturday, March 07, 2009

Making The Web More Sociable

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Mashable, a leading blog that covers social media and web technology have been consistent lately with their stories and innovation. Lately I have found that I am retweeting and sharing their content regularly as it's accurate and informative. The site has evolved significantly already this year and I'm impressed with the direction they are taking their readers. Having already received a redesign; this last week they announced that Mashable, Disqus and UberVU have launched Social Media Comments which is an impressive concept.

So what does it mean:
If Mashable’s posts are discussed on Twitter or Digg, those tweets and comments will appear in their Disqus powered comment system. Other supported services include Flickr, FriendFeed, YouTube, and many more. ~ Daniel Ha [Source]
The Mashable announcement details that the problem is that the conversation is distributed. Mashable posts are shared on scores of social media sites, and yet all those conversations are scattered around the web, with no way to pull them all together in one place. Social media comments aim to fix that.

Disqus detailed that they are testing this and a couple of new features exclusively on Mashable for the next couple weeks before eventually rolling out Social Media Comments to everyone. I have tested the features through Mashable and I'm excited about the full release to rollout the functionality on this blog.

Another feature they announced is being referred to as sociable ads:
We’re proud to launch a new form of social media advertising on Mashable today. The Twitter Brand Sponsors module is our first trial of a new breed of engagement-based sponsorships. ~ Pete Cashmore [Source]
Mashable are pioneering with these developments and making the web more sociable is the direction the web is heading. It's all about interaction and conversation and as well as the above announcements we are also able to retweet directly from the post and rate whether you love, like, dislike or hate a featured service.

In an era where people digest content via RSS and through feed readers, Mashable have taken the initiative and positioned the site in a way where you want to navigate to the homepage. Looking forward to participating as the site continues to evolve and intrigued about what else could be implemented over the coming weeks and months!

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