Monday, June 01, 2009

Microsoft Announces Twitter, Facebook And Last.FM Integration For Xbox Live

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I used to be an active member of the Xbox community, I was involved with the first build of the forums and was appointed a moderator before becoming a Microsoft MVP. It was an enjoyable and exciting experience with the highlight being presented the opportunity to attend the Xbox 360 launch in the Mojave Desert. The problem with forums is that they're repetitive and eventually I moved onto blogging and social networking.

Earlier today at the E3 expo, Microsoft announced that they were to introduce social networking functionality through Facebook Connect and Sign-In With Twitter integration which will be arriving on Xbox Live this fall. They also announced that is also set to bring its services to the Xbox. For Gold Xbox Live members, providing free streaming radio from your console. Expect further details over the next few days but what we expect is that activity in games could soon be published to our Facebook newsfeed through Facebook Connect or tweeted out to our followers through Sign-In With Twitter. I have wanted to see this introduced for a while now and the announcements expand the social functionality of the Xbox Live service considerably!

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