Saturday, July 18, 2009

And.. Action, Take Thirty...

Feel The LoveImage by joedawson via Flickr

Everyone has the collection of photos as children that they would rather forget, the photo album that makes an appearance when you least expect and eventually find their way onto Facebook.

Most likely the school photograph with experimental haircut, missing teeth and beaming smile. My siblings and I have a best of collection buried in the garden away from visible access. I'm sure many of my readers are in exactly the same position with 'that' album out there somewhere..

Our mother always appreciated receiving the family photo so for her birthday this year my brother arranged for everyone to surprise her with a 2009 limited edition. We all gathered around his apartment and you would expect this to be a simple procedure, clearly not the case as with everyone full of energy the session turned into an eventful evening.

Eventually we managed to succeed in compiling enough photos for a full album as we were all posing, entertaining and turning the occasion into chaos. We were only able to select one of the many masterpieces, although there were several in contention. This afternoon at a family gathering to celebrate her birthday we presented her with the canvas print and she was really impressed. Same again next year then?!

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