Monday, July 27, 2009

Spotify: It Just Got Interesting

spotifyImage by linkalicante via Flickr

Spotify the downloadable client for Windows and Mac users that lets you search, browse and stream an extensive collection of music has generated a lot of buzz lately. My friend at work has recommended the service for a few months but until recently I have relented expressing any significant interest in what's available. has been the service I have used for streaming, discovering and monitoring music for a while and it's provided a consistent experience. What has caught my attention - and many influential bloggers - is that the music streaming service have released a video of the iPhone application they have submitted to Apple.

What's generating interest is that the iPhone application has offline playlists: making it possible to store up to 3,333 songs in offline mode. The offline functionality isn't available through the app, which operates as a recommendation based radio station (I use for this purpose). On demand access to an extensive 6million+ tracks and the ability to sync with the desktop client are also worth acknowledging. Spotify acts like a jukebox, bringing up exactly the song and artist you want with one click.

The question raised is whether Apple will reject the Spotify app, mainly as it will compete directly with iTunes so preventing this being available through the AppStore will eliminate competition. Hopefully it will be approved as this does have a lot of potential!

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