Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Finishing Line

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Wasn't optimistic about sports day taking place this morning, largely due to my daughters being cancelled previously as the country being battered with three months' worth of rain Tuesday. With some areas suffering the heaviest downpours on record, the school field didn't escape and became waterlogged preventing the sports activities taking place. I travelled to the school this morning and although it was overcast, there were breaks of sunshine and no indication of the earlier storms. This meant that the sports day was given the all clear, thankfully!

As I travelled to the 'parents enclosure' to wait for the children to take their positions, I could hear my son informing all of his friends that I was there. When his turn came to race, forever competitive, he concentrated on the performances of those racing around him. Barely able to keep in a straight line for turning to the side to ensure that he wasn't falling behind. He didn't make the grade in the first race but in the 'assault course' he managed to secure third place.

Then it was over to yours truly, I suppose you could say that going to the gym regularly I have been building for this moment. To prove to my son that Daddy is the fastest, he really wanted me to participate because even when the toddlers race started he was urging me to enter. After the expected poor start [ ;) ] I managed to build momentum towards the end and finished third.

Like father like son...

Also to note I received their school reports, both have made progress although I do have concerns and areas that I want them to focus on improving for next year. That allows me plenty of time to practise for the annual showpiece!!
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