Friday, July 24, 2009

Friendfeed Recommendations

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Friendfeed usually the service to introduce innovative and fresh features has borrowed from their rivals by rolling out a new Recommend friends feature. Now you can recommend subscriptions to any of your friends, filtering those that you feel add value and introduce new users to people that will enhance their experience.

When you send friend recommendations, your friend will get an email with all of your recommendations, including a link to subscribe to all your recommendations with a single click.

Friendfeed usually ahead of the other social networks with functionality should consider introducing further enhanced popular features. Especially considering that the service has been imitated many times in the past. So what next, what other functionality could Friendfeed introduce to widen the appeal of the Web-based aggregator?

Here are a few suggestions -
  • Direct Message: Considering that Paul Buchheit was the creator and lead developer of Gmail and that Facebook, Twitter and other social networks offer such a poor email application.
  • Events: It's well known that organising an event through Facebook is the preferred method but with the ability to see updates in real-time this has potential.
  • Photo Tagging: Not sure how this could be introduced (on-site perhaps?) but considering that many services are aggregated through Friendfeed this would surely be popular for photographers.
  • Profile Wall/@Username: If I want to approach an individual and ask a question I'm still seeking them through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Birthdays: We all want to be acknowledged on our special day.
Anything that you would also like to see implemented?

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