Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Facebook For iPhone 3.0 Coming Very Soon... Privacy Changes Too!!

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There were several Facebook announcements today, firstly they unveiled privacy setting changes for the social network. The Everyone option does sound easier but I'm sure the changes will provide confusion and there will be the expected user backlash as a vocal minority state that the changes aren't for everyone! The rollout looks to be staggered over the next three (+) weeks so I'm sure more details will emerge and opinion will circulate.

ReadWriteWeb ask: Facebook Wants You To Be Less Private - But Why? I'm sure this will be a question than many will raise as why the shift in direction? For obvious reasons sharing information with the open web is attractive, I enjoy Twitter, Friendfeed and other sites for their openness but I don't really want that from Facebook. I will reserve any criticism/praise until the privacy update is made available for my Facebook account!

Details also emerged today on Facebook for iPhone 3.0, the developer Joe Hewitt posted a note with what we can expect from the application. He states that the application is 98% complete so should be made available shortly.

What will be coming in the new version?

1. The “new” News Feed
2. Like
3. Events (including the ability to RSVP)
4. Notes5. Pages
6. Create new photo albums
7. Upload photos to any album
8. Zoom into photos
9. Easier photo tagging
10. Profile Pictures albums
11. A new home screen for easy access to all your stuff, search, and notifications
12. Add your favorite profiles and pages to the home screen
13. Better Notifications (they link to the comments so you can reply)
14. Quickly call or text people right from the Friends page
15. Messages you are typing will be restored if you quit or are interrupted by a phone call

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