Friday, July 17, 2009

Be Here Now

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My children are heading away shortly on their annual summer holiday with their mother and her family. The family have visited the same location in Florida for several years now and built a strong friendship with the owners so it's become a tradition. I think ideally they would like to emigrate there but not in the short term due to family commitments.

The children are both really looking forward to the holiday, although I can tell that their bothered about being away for a long period. They have been really affectionate towards me lately making sure that they interact more than usual. It's going to be difficult not having them around as we have a routine and I'm going to have a void with them being out of the country. Saturday mornings just won't be the same!

I stayed at the same Florida resort several years ago and although it's a relaxing vacation it's not in the most prime location. I prefer travelling to different places, countries and experiencing different cultures. Maybe that outlook will change as I get older but the aim over the next few years is to travel to as many places as possible and take in the sights of our beautiful World!
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