Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'll Be There In A Flash!!

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I retired relatively early last night compared to the usual standards I apply to my sleeping routine. The sheep counting had already commenced but I was disturbed by the sound of Late of the Pier "Bathroom Gurgle". The sample is the ringtone I have applied for my partner when she calls through!

Usually I switch to vibrate in the evening but with my partner and her friend attending the LoveBox festival I wanted to be available just in case! This was just that scenario as after staggering around East London trying to find a suitable form of transport she realised that she was stranded. Without any method of transportation home I was chosen to travel to their location and rescue them. Hurray!!

I wouldn't have minded, and I didn't, but the return journey was a nightmare. The Blackwall Tunnel was closed and without any indication of a diversion I had to find an alternative route. The Rotherhithe Tunnel was the closest option which would allow us to cross beneath the River Thames from East London. Without a co-pilot, partner and friends were asleep, I was left to navigate the streets of London which proved difficult considering the lack of road sign assistance. Eventually I struck gold, but that wasn't before receiving a photo finish, from a speed camera in the Limehouse Link Tunnel which was mainly to avoid colliding with a Taxi. Ah well, these things happen and at least they were both home safe!!

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