Saturday, July 25, 2009

Caution To The Wind..

Tequilla ShotsImage by nigeljohnwade via Flickr

Eventful few days, probably spent too much money but needed to be done. Met my partner and some friends in Brick Lane, Thursday evening, the motivation was shopping for clothing but instead we let the alcohol dictate the evening. Disappointing that it was midweek because we had the distraction of work the following morning!

Friday I had a performance review, the objective was to raise concerns and discuss the agenda over the coming months but still remain constructive. I didn't exactly achieve what I had originally wanted but I hope that I provided at the least an insight into areas of improvement. Disappointed that I failed when trying to highlight and identify the potential of Twitter but I acknowledge that there's too much red tape for the service to be widely accepted in the corporate environment. Attempted to disconnect in the evening, consumed too much alcohol but still managed to arrive home earlier than anticipated. Today without the early activities, I spent the morning at the gym before meeting my partner in the afternoon. We were invited to a friends for a birthday celebration so have enjoyed today but need to recharge now!!
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