Friday, July 03, 2009

There's Gold In The Streams..

An Alaskan miner pans for gold in 1916.Image via Wikipedia

The challenge of real time search is to provide a consistant and rich experience, accurate information available in real-time. Friendfeed the service that aggregates activity shared from other social networks and profiles, co-founded by Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, entered the real-time field today.

All pages already update in real-time, this enhances the experience and adds even more value to an already extensive portfolio of features. Friendfeed tracks more than 50 different social media sites and any custom RSS feed can be imported through the service. Just enter a search query as you always have, and see new results instantly stream in at the top of your screen in real-time. No need to constantly click refresh.

These search queries can also easily be embedded into any blog and available in real time, thanks to FriendFeed. See for instance: Obama, TweetDeck or Michael Jackson. I have embedded a vanity search below for all mentions of my name that appear on Friendfeed -

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