Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Add Water..

Disney - Main Street Balloons & Cinderella Cas...Image by Joe Penniston via Flickr

Finally booked Disneyland® Resort Paris for August, still undecided whether to continue onwards to Southern France and Spain/Barcelona. All depends on the financial circumstance as it's inevitable that something will require a substantial contribution beforehand. Wasn't exactly a straight forward booking as due to the purchase being international Barclays blocked the transaction. This meant that Saturday morning I had to travel from football to the local branch and contact their fraud department.

They rectified the issue promptly and I was able to return to watch the remainder of my sons football. It was the quarterly presentation today, similar to the Personal Development Plan, he was awarded with a certificate for his efforts and he was impressed. Haven't been as consistant attending football these last few weeks but can't be helped and it's not like he isn't playing as he practically has a football attached to his foot.

Horse riding provided an innovative twist as the riders were tasked to hold a bottle of water limiting the amount spilt. My daughters smile beamed as she followed the instructions and even though her horse resisted at times she made sure to remain composed.

That afternoon I utilised the gym membership again by taking the children swimming, it highlighted the difficulties faced being a single parent as both wanted my attention but I had to try and spread time evenly. My daughter can swim, my son on the otherhand isn't the most competent in the water so I had to make sure that I was always in close proximity. He's confidence is building but I can tell he still has a reluctance which is slowly fading.

After watching Mark Webber win the German Formula 1 Grand Prix today, we travelled to meet my partner and baby so that we could watch Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3D at the cinema. Although slightly more expensive than usual it was worth it for the experience and the children really enjoyed the movie as well. With the weekend reaching it's conclusion I returned the children to their mother, usually energetic my son finished the weekend feeling poorly so it was sad to say goodbye but I will visit him tomorrow. We continued onwards for a meal before also retiring for the evening!
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