Friday, September 11, 2009

Feel The Magic?

Trick or Treat cards ...Image by CalamityJon via Flickr

This week has seen plenty of speculation surrounding British magician Derren Brown who predicted the lottery numbers on live television. Many sources have wondered whether it was a scam, whether there was a split screen and questioned how he managed to achieve the impossible.

Watching the show this evening was definitely entertaining although I felt the method unveiled on the show wasn't the true explanation. Many people have created lottery syndicates and not experienced success but obviously where they have failed is because Derren Brown wasn't involved!

I believe that the mouse featured in the show could hold the answers..

After Derren Brown, I watched David Blaine and seriously I don't understand how he produces many of the techniques that he performs. Listening to him it's obvious that he knows how to entertain and provoke a reaction from crowds. I remember several years ago I travelled to London with the family to witness the 'Above the Below' challenge and he definitely pushes physical boundaries. An entertaining evening of television and a break from the usual routine...

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