Friday, September 25, 2009

Share, Share, Share

New Facebook Share has broken YouTube integrationImage by Lars K. Jensen via Flickr

Recently I have noticed that the amount of content shared through the sites I frequent has increased considerably. Most notably through Facebook which is primarily where I socialise with close friends and family.

People are beginning to share more photos, videos, news stories and activity from other websites. I'm not referring to the apps as other than through Facebook Connect I ignore these random farms activity and battle requests. The increase in shared items has also been acknowledged by Inside Facebook in a recent article published to the site.
Facebook’s overall goal is to get more people sharing more information, in part so it can learn more about them, and then target ads to them more accurately. The numbers suggest that this plan is working, no doubt aided by ongoing improvements to features like status updates and video uploading. These sharing increases — not just overall traffic growth — could be contributing to Facebook’s revenue growth.
More sites are introducing the ability to reshare, I mentioned previously the potential for anything to become a viral success. Sites that provide settings allowing users to easily share their activity with friends are going to generate exposure for the content and increase the likelihood that it will be reshared across networks!
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