Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wave Crashes On The Beach Of Expectation (So Far)

Whacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube ManImage by RedHerring1up via Flickr

Google Wave is the most-hyped new product launch I have followed since discovering that the Internet provided more than Instant Messenger, pornography and online gaming. Everyone has gone crazy for the shiny new potential game changer although the reaction I have seen so far have been mixed!

It's obviously too soon to dismiss Google Wave, especially as according to sources the API is where it's happening! Steve Rubel asks what problem does it solve? In the era of simplicity and the Attention Crash he feels that this is too complex. Even Robert Scoble has waved the white flag stating that service is way overhyped and as people start to use it they will realize it brings the worst of email and IM together: unproductivity. I feel that once the developers get their teeth into this then we'll see what's really under the hood but for now everyone should be patient. I'm accepting invitations if anyone is feeling generous, although I'm not prepared to participate in the Google Wave invitation retweeting that's become a popular trend. Alternatively if you have been accepted to participate then I would love to read your views!

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