Friday, September 04, 2009

Final Destination?!

Facebook 3.0 for iPhoneImage by marvin L via Flickr

'Destinations have been the goal for many startups, but to be a true, complete destination you need to supply a wealth of functionality' ~ Rob Diana

Facebook have come a long way since being initially limited to Harvard students, the social network continues to redesign and make advances to offer the best way to share and connect with our friends and communities.

Today, Facebook reached a new milestone with more than 65 million people now actively using Facebook on their mobile devices — a significant increase from 20 million just eight months ago. That's an incredible amount of people accessing the social network whilst on the move. I have recently updated to Facebook for iPhone 3.0* and I have been impressed with the functionality and increased interaction with my close friends. Just need to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS now for the video capabilities :)

Facebook also officially released its new widgets web site today, although the company are expected to release addition widgets I would have liked the option to customise. Specifically to resize and better align with templates and layout restrictions. The widget site currently has 5 distinct widgets across 2 general categories, Personal Profile Widgets and Website or Business Widgets. They include:

Personal Profile:
  1. Profile Badge
  2. Photo Badge
Website or Business:
  1. Fan Box
  2. Live Stream Box
  3. Page Badge

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