Thursday, September 24, 2009

System Overload

Kanye WestKanye West via

Recent changes have meant that I have had to make certain adjustments. I have more time available to interact with friends, media and experience the alternative side of social networking. I'm also expanding my Google Reader feeds I subscribe, not content with the latest sport, technology, microblogging and social media news.

I'm now searching for the latest music and fashion blogs that are worth following. That is such a Carrie thing to say right but seriously, I would welcome any recommendations. Kanye West provides an intriguing take on blogging, it's all about the CAPITALS! Whatever the perception of the artist following the VMA incident - which I personally feel was staged - the approach to content distribution works well. The site is engaging and easy to navigate which is probably why so many people contribute to the discussion. I feel more artists, fashion industry peers should take a similar strategy as this is appealing and easy to digest. I have reshared a few articles and videos with my friends and followers and the response was positive! Do you know of any similar sites that you would recommend?!
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