Saturday, October 31, 2009

"You Know I'm No Good"

Halloween LondonImage by joedawson

After trick-or-treating yesterday with the children, I have to admit I wasn't completely honest when stating that a hero's work is never done! I returned them to their mother but headed into London for an organised Halloween party with Snow White, who was my date for the evening!

Just imagine the headlines in the Daily Bugle, Mary Jane would also be devastated by this developing story and I expect that there would be seven dwarfs with an axe to grind! Not that the "friendly neighborhood" hero was contemplating any backlash because he was only interested in laughing and experiencing the good times!

There was plenty of laughter on the agenda, it was great that everyone had made so much effort and my friends place had been completely transformed to represent the spirit of Halloween! Many friends from work were involved and there were a few that had travelled a distance to participate. I'm sure that someone even mentioned that their teacher had arrived to make an appearance but I didn't encounter their presence! A thoroughly enjoyable evening although the late night wasn't convenient considering the amount of travelling on the agenda today!!

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