Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Fish

ChildrenImage by joedawson via Flickr
I don't feel the need to speak Americano, even though it seems popular, but I had to phone the States to speak to the children. I miss them and realise that when I relocate to Leeds, it's going to be difficult being so far from them. The difference from this scenario being that at least I will be able to frequently travel and visit. I'm not about to step on a plane, although I wouldn't mind because I need a holiday. Last year I travelled to Disneyland for a holiday but that was surrounded in drama which was unfortunate. Finally speaking to the children was a relief because I had tried several times to contact them but only reached voicemail. They were both excited, usually my son has assistance from his sister but for the first time he actually told her to wait her turn. Informing me that he had seen a whale and a fish eating a turtle, my daughter corrected the events afterwards and I was disappointed to learn that the whale was only a balloon. There's still plenty of time to experience what the Gulf of Mexico has to offer and maybe even a whale. I'm going to try and communicate with them regularly, they're also going to document their holiday which I'm looking forward to reading on their return!

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