Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Shortcut And The Undercut

Only Manchester United Fans!Image by joedawson via Flickr
I collected the children from their mother yesterday and with my partner, spectated as my daughter participated in a horse riding lesson. We watched as she followed instructions, then my son emerged with a battery powered electric guitar including a headset and we proceeded to make music. That should be - attempted to make music! Home on the range?! I was seriously impressed how he managed to obtain the guitar although this had to be returned which was a huge disappointment. After horse riding we returned home to clean, this was to assist my sister who had organised an evening of entertainment for friends. It became apparent that she had no intention of contributing, this was soon rectified with some careful persuasion.

The night was average, probably didn't really get started until someone decided that the music selection needed to be changed. Listening to the same few tracks on repeat was not the greatest and I even contemplated eating my ears! The drinking game referred to as 'ninja' provided another pizza and even managed to block the sink. I awoke this morning to bottles everywhere and 'Lacey's Cafe', created by the children, I made sure to enjoy the food before cleaning because I won't experience this again until September! Prior to the party, I gave my son an undercut (haircut) and although he wasn't sure, I think that he's finally been convinced that he looks good. I attempted this style previously in the nineties, probably not the greatest but it's really popular again at the moment! I'm sure that he's mother will eventually shave his head completely but I have him as my little boy for a few days at least!!
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