Monday, July 19, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Question Stephen Fry

Facebook have launched a new application called Facebook Stories where you can share your own story and read hundreds of others, categorized by themes and locations around the world. I'm sure that many people will write about connections, relationships and the overall usability of the social network. My experience has been dynamic, I originally joined to reconnect with friends, as the site matured the emphases on the relationship status became huge as the site emerged as the official confirmation and stage to parade any commitment. I have set mine to display that I'm engaged, maybe not the truth but I like to think that she means more than just someone to be "in a relationship with..." Facebook's growth as an Internet social networking site has met criticism on a range of issues, changing site more than gypsies anyone?! Anyway, I have found using Facebook as a feed reader offers the most value because there's a direct connection to brands, interaction and the opportunity to participate in competitions and promotions. I have been extremely fortunate this year, experiencing some incredible nights with the Isle of Wight Festival being the obvious highlight!

Sunday was no different as through Facebook - I won 2 tickets to see Everything Everything supporting Bombay Bicycle Club and Stephen Fry as part of the iTunes Festival on Sunday 18th July at The Roundhouse in Camden. Being on the record label guest list was worth chest beating, unfortunately we arrived late due to work commitments but still caught the finale of the Everything Everything set. My Keys Your Boyfriend has featured heavily on the playlist this year, I rate them highly and this is the third time I have seen them perform.

After a brief interlude, Stephen Fry took to the stage, his initials in italic writing curiously resembled the word Sex in the background! I know that thou shouldn't question Stephen Fry, but I feel his appearance provided nothing more than popular observations and an Apple fanboy rant. His remarks about buying clothes without due care and discarding them if they didn't fit, made him sound detached from the working class. I finished talking about Twitter last year when it became repetitive, Stephen Fry pioneers the service like no one knows about it's existence. Still I was impressed that he reached out to the Twitter community from the stage but obviously the questions were carefully selected!! For obvious reasons! Personally I feel that Stephen Fry should have opened the night and then allowed the music to be the focus for the evening!

Bombay Bicycle Club were introduced and shortly took to the stage, their set started with material from their recently released second studio album Flaws which received a mixed reaction. It wasn't until the chairs were moved aside, and they performed hits from I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose that the crowd suddenly awoke and burst into action. The mosh pit was average, but the night took a while to get started, eventually everyone found their voice but the encore didn't provide the widely anticipated Open House which was a disappointment! Overall I really enjoyed the night but it did seem to lack the energy I have experienced in previous nights headlined by the band from Crouch End!!
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