Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Challenger Has Entered The Arena?!

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The Venue, New Cross has experienced something of a revival recently; various celebrations, birthdays and bank holiday weekends have been enjoyed there but that's over following yesterday's drama. The night started well as everyone gathered at my partners to celebrate a friends birthday. The evening progressed and although we missed the final train we caught a taxi to the nightclub. This was primarily because our friend turned eighteen at midnight and wouldn't have been allowed entrance otherwise. The driver was enthusiastic and even joined in with a chorus of Happy Birthday when midnight struck, unfortunately there wasn't any birthday cake but we brought a potato and a courgette. Not sure why, because cake would have been more enjoyable. Anyway, we entered the Venue and made our way through the various dance floors, like Ninja's (Midnight Beast) we consumed various drinks and danced to the music. My partner briefly disappeared after a visit to the toilets, emerging in the smoking area and communicated that she wasn't feeling good. I decided that I would take her home, I picked her up and made for the exit. On route, a bouncer made a remark about carrying her and I responded that he should calm down as we were leaving because she wasn't well. I remember watching hypnotist Paul McKenna as a child, the people hypnotised would respond to key words in conversations and behave as instructed. This guy obviously responded to the word 'calm' and begun to behave like a wrestler. I watched as he quickly pulled on his leather gloves, although I put my partner down he immediately applied a headlock and snarled into my ear. I didn't want an altercation, I just wanted to make sure that my partner was okay but another bouncer appeared and started pulling at my hair. I was escorted to the exit and thrown outside, we contacted the police but the officer that arrived didn't appear to take us seriously because no details were taken. We were told that there was no video equipment in the smoking area and the bouncers were implying that we had assaulted them and that no action would be taken because the police were taking backhanders. Farewell New Cross, it was good while it lasted!!

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