Friday, July 09, 2010

Run Forrest Run

The attached video was uploaded to YouTube using the iPhone 4, the footage is taken from my son's sports day and was uploaded from the handset. The process was intuitive, selecting 'Send to YouTube' from the share options, video playback is impressive on the iPhone but once compressed the quality deteriorates and isn't available in high definition.

The rearranged event was basked in glorious sunshine and made for an enjoyable occasion! I attended the event with my partner and father, his mother was also there, representing with her sibling. Any consideration for being their calendar pin-up has passed, that ship sailed long ago but I'm disappointed with the attitude. Facebook status updates highlight that while I move forward they remain in the same place! Aside from the soap opera, I really enjoyed watching both children participate on their specific days. Although I feel the organisation could be improved! An entire day devoted to sports would be more practical, I would also like more variation because, as a child, I enjoyed races involving eggs, spoons, sacks etc. As sports day concluded, my race had only just begun, I was against the clock to finalise preparations for Prom! I admit to feeling nervous, I have watched several movies recently that provide this idealistic vision and I want everything to be perfect for my partner. I expected more from the corsage and floral decoration I ordered but I'm satisfied that it's not too elaborate. Let's do this.....

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