Saturday, July 10, 2010


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In the United Kingdom, Prom was unheard of until the late 1990's, but along with Oreo's, Prom has eventually made it across the Atlantic. Schools in England hold their prom at the end of High School (aged 16) and/or the end of Sixth Form (aged 18), as opposed to just Senior Year in the United States.

Before the beginning of 2010 I hadn't entertained any reservations about attending Prom, I felt that age was the deciding factor but that was before I started the relationship with my partner! Anticipation for Prom has built steadily since I was first told and made the commitment that I would accompany her to the event. Yesterday, after months of preparation, Sixth Form Prom took place, hosted at the Alexandra Suite, Swanley. The evening started with our mother's who were so proud, aiming to capture what's regarded as one of the defining moments of adolescence through photography. This took several attempts, but I'm sure there was a winner!

Afterwards we took the scenic route to the venue, although I'm sure that wasn't intentional. After we arrived there were further photo opportunities, before we took our places for the meal. The menu was enjoyable although I feel that the Red Wine became the main attraction. There were speeches, before the floor was cleared and everyone attempted to dance. It was a privilege being able to experience the night, especially as Sixth Form Prom didn't exist when I was committed to full-time education. The night was about my partner so I took a back seat, largely because I didn't really know many people other than her close friends and one of the teachers. At least I knew some people though, unlike the stranger who appeared walking his dog through the crowds. Not sure what that was about! I later attempted to replicate the movie Up, attaching approximately thirty helium balloons to the smallest person but this didn't work as intended. I expected there to be an after party but everyone appeared more intent on heading home afterwards. This meant that we were intoxicated and because we hadn't contemplated an early night, we were stranded with only the 24 hour ASDA as the alternative. They were actually really courteous, although maybe we were imposing and they just wanted us to leave as soon as possible. The free 'pizza' was an absolute treat but we were unable to savour the taste because we were rescued by a friend after exhausting the South East taxi region in it's entirety. Overall Prom wasn't what I had expected, maybe everyone sets their expectations too high but even with helium balloons it's never going to touch the sky. What it does symbolise is the completion of full-time education and my partner and her friends should be proud of that achievement!

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