Sunday, July 11, 2010

On A Boat

The school term finishes soon and the six week summer holidays will begin. I'm usually making final preparations for a holiday but not this year, unemployment has been decisive but even if I were working, the children wouldn't be able to participate in any potential vacation. They're travelling to Florida for the six week duration, I'm sure they will enjoy the Gulf of Mexico but I can't help but feel disappointed. I won't have anytime with them! It's selfish because it appears that efforts are being made to reduce the already limited time I spend with the children. Everyone tells me that when they're older they will be able to make their own decisions, but I still want to experience their childhood.

They depart for America in a week, so I collected them earlier and to maximise the time available we decided that today would involve water activities. First we attempted to row a boat, an exercise which was made even more difficult because the lake was shallow and we kept running aground. I took on a similar role to that of a gondolier, reduced to poling the boat along like a punt which admittedly can't be achieved in Venice because the waters are too deep. Eventually we were evicted from the lake, and swimming and water flumes beckoned! We swam for a while and even attempted diving from the boards, the Olympic team have no concern because the marks on our bodies spoke volumes. Especially as I emerged from paintball with less contact! The flumes were enjoyable, although when you're having fun; time definitely flies and the children were soon summoned! To continue experiencing the different elements, next time we will be playing with fire!!!

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