Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Can Do That

Today provided the last opportunity to spend time with the children before they went on holiday. The clear skies invited us to enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine, packing a picnic and selected accessories we accepted the invitation. Anyone with children will acknowledge that keeping them entertained is a challenge! They were distracted briefly while they ate but lost interest when we attempted to assemble volleyball and headed into the play area.

We eventually completed the task and they returned, but the entertainment was minimal because the trampoline was much more convincing! I participated briefly but received several concerned looks from parents before hiding inside a tunnel. The child inside; stirred, awoke and played, before the 'Tiger Knee' finished any further participation! We were riding on a rotating sphere, then after losing balance, my partner connected with my nose and we both fell to the ground. With eyes rolling and blood streaming, I decided that this was her victory and I would live to fight another day!

I returned the children home, and learnt that Camden would be our destination for another evening courtesy of the iTunes festival. After navigating the transport system we arrived in Camden and entered the venue. Frank Turner was on stage, folk artists have been popular this year, the English folk/punk singer songwriter impressed. Most notably with Photosynthesis; And I won't sit down. And I won't shut up. And most of all I will not grow up. The Futureheads followed and the crowd looked like they needed a push! And that's what they got because I received a triple dare that I couldn't start a mosh pit. I don't have a bucket list but if I had, and this featured, then it would have received a large tick in the check box to show it had been completed. Hounds Of Love and Beginning Of The Twist were the crowd favourites! Afterwards, my partner and I were told that we were crazy, that's appreciation for the sentiment!