Friday, September 24, 2010

Cheese And Macaroni

Juno in Juno *--*Image by YamiPaperDreams!.- via FlickrThis past week has been an incident filled one; starting higher education has been interesting, mainly because I haven't studied since the mid 90's, I'm possibly the oldest person on the course and I have felt at a disadvantage to students who have just finished A Levels. I have waited behind to ask questions in several lectures and seminars, and been reassured that everything will piece together. There appears to be plenty of theory and reading associated with my degree, the library will eventually become home! Although only a week into higher education, a person who lives in my apartment has already been given marching orders. This was because his course was funded by the NHS and he didn't meet their strict requirements. I wish him all the best for the future and hope that he finds the second chance that he rightfully deserves. Due to an avoidable circumstance, we've been busy chasing pavements around Leeds. I couldn't tell you how many Greggs we have encountered but I know where several places of interest are situated! I already miss friends, family and the children loads but need to secure work before I commit to travel arrangements. Lastly the sad news reached me that my cousin was killed in an accident while working as a lift engineer. It was a devastating blow and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home. Although there is plenty to occupy my thoughts, I'm aiming to adjust more this week and join several societies to meet new people!
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