Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Need More Room

SKREAMImage by LD PIX via FlickrFreshers' week is the first week of the academic year at a university or other tertiary institution, and a variety of events are held to help orient and welcome new students. I'm beginning to feel that freshers' week is overrated, admittedly the night life is exceptional and the clubs are packed. Mezz and Halo were at capacity yesterday, both provided great nights, especially for the promoters but personally I would like daytime activities. I suppose alcohol lowers inhibitions but activities, for example paint ball or go-karting, would encourage team building and interaction would prevail! Instead our team building exercise involved pole dancing at Halo, I'm guessing that everyone that glanced in our direction concluded that we we're freshers from our enthusiasm! The journey home was provided by an opportunist cab driver who attempted to take us on the scenic route, he will know better next time! At the accommodation I relaxed until I received a telephone call from my partner, who had been out experiencing her own night! The conversation was different and although we both acknowledged that it would take time to find ourselves in Leeds, I was concerned and couldn't sleep through the noises in my head!
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