Monday, September 20, 2010

Legal High

Leeds Metropolitan UniversityImage via WikipediaI mentioned before that I was approached through Facebook to be a Voodoo Events representative, networking and providing tickets/guest list. One of the main perks provided is free entry into the Voodoo hosted nights, bypassing the queues definitely impressed friends. I need to increase my networking reach, Sugarwell Court isn't ideal for exposure but I will have no problem interacting at other Halls. We really enjoyed Oceana, although I spent the majority of the time walking as we explored the nightclub and lost each other frequently. Preston was the much touted DJ for the evening, don't give up the day job - much to learn you still have.. After walking back to my accommodation I was invited to my partners, which required walking twenty minutes back into town. I was excited to see her and when we met I could feel she shared the sentiment! I was introduced to her friends and spent the night there, an alternative to home where she usually stays at mine. I suspect this will become a regular arrangement especially as the majority of my lectures are located in close proximity to her building! We briefly ventured into Leeds today, the main focus was introductory lectures and induction. Being late for both wasn't ideal but I have a better understanding of where everything is located now! I think anyway...
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