Sunday, September 19, 2010

God Is Love

leeds at nightImage by tricky ™ via FlickrThe drive wasn't generous; speed restrictions, traffic and being alone meant that I probably felt every mile that university put between me and the children. I eventually arrived in Leeds in the evening, driving passed Elland Road and towards the universities. Arriving at the Halls, I was directed to the rear of the complex where I collected everything associated with the room. The car parking fee was requested up front, I won't have that for a few weeks so instead a residential area will provide shelter for the duration. I'm still unsure whether to offload the car, especially as university already appears to be more expensive than I had originally anticipated. Entering the building that would be home for the next year was strange. I had hoped for corridors full of energy and anticipation, instead Sugarwell Court felt like a retirement home. Being alone in the accommodation, didn't add to the appeal either and I don't feel it will be easy to get settled. I'm scared, this is very real now and I'm worried about many things, mostly the children, I want to see their faces already. Through Facebook I was approached to be a representative of Voodoo Events, networking and providing tickets/guest list. I have been impressed with the start as there has already been interest, maybe this will work, but freshers week was always going to be busy. Alone I headed to Leeds Halo nightclub, Voodoo Events have a residency there every Saturday. The 1600 capacity, refurbished church is an incredible venue that has to be experienced if you visit the city. Shame that I had to enjoy the first night alone as company would have been appreciated! Reverend Run will be DJing at the club soon, I need to make sure that I'm involved in that night. God is Love!!!
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