Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He Doesn't Look A Thing Like Jesus

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I still haven't started packing items for university, although today I feel that I'm closer to being prepared. The car passed it's MOT although with tax and insurance still to pay this month I am starting to feel that the car is a financial commitment that I don't need. I visited the dentist for additional work on a filling, and I was advised that I should consider a crown as a longer term solution. Whilst at the dentist surgery I had a routine check with the hygienist who cleaned my teeth, this was very painful and not looking forward to the next appointment at Christmas. An interview had been arranged for a role at Leeds Met University that I'm excited about but I had to rearrange this until after freshers week. With everything slowly coming together you would think that I would be more relaxed. Instead the opposite as I have had vivid dreams about scenarios and situations that enhance insecurities. I'm not the only one though as my partner has also expressed that she has experienced similar visions. Including one where I die but then I'm resurrected somehow?! Not long now; family parties, leaving drinks and then the journey to Leeds which will be tough because every mile I travel will be another mile away from the children! They're closer to understanding, but I still feel it will be a while before they come to terms with my commitment to higher education.
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