Friday, September 10, 2010

How Many Numbers Can You See..

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Attempting to spend time with everyone before we leave for Leeds has been difficult. Last night though we were able to enjoy time with friends and family in Bexleyheath. The night started at JD Whetherspoons and as the night progressed more friends made an appearance. Quite what the attraction is about Bingo I don't know but a few arrived after the Thursday showpiece. I was still really disappointed about the fixed penalty I had received earlier but enjoyed the occasion. Once the alcohol started flowing everyone headed to a themed night at a nearby club. The prop for the evening was a newspaper, maybe not the most inventive but it provided many opportunities for interaction and to create new and innovative concepts. The paper fortune teller was a personal favourite but everyone wearing various hats was probably better expressed between the group. The place was a mess when we eventually left but at least we were reassured that the cleaner definitely earned their keep!! I think everyone returned home covered in pen from the Bingo dauber, I'm not sure that's what the intention is with the pen but I like Bingo a lot more now!
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