Saturday, November 08, 2008

8th Birthday

A birthday party is a celebration that occurs to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the person honored. Birthday parties are, nowadays, celebrated in many cultures.

A child's party is usually held at home or a public place and consists of soft drinks and sweet and savory foods (in many cultures featuring a birthday cake). Birthday parties for children often feature entertainment, costumes, or themes. Adults' birthday parties in Western countries often take place in bars or nightclubs where a range of alcoholic beverages are consumed. [Source]
Wikipedia provides the perfect ground rules, possibly becoming even more important to some than religious documentation, maybe. Yesterday was my friend at works birthday, after the working day had finished we hit the bar next door to my building. I rarely get to spend time outside of work with my colleagues as I usually have my children or events that make it difficult to hang back and socialise. After a few drinks a collection of my colleagues and I - often referred to as broken biscuits - headed to an organised meal for the occasion. It was a good night although I had to depart after eating to collect the children from my parents and finalise plans for my daughters party today.

This morning was full of excitement as all of our children were in really high spirits waking up with bundles of energy. My partner had spent most of yesterday getting the house ready with banners and cakes and there was a pile of presents on the table to greet my daughter. They combined to open the presents and the whole time my daughter had a big smile on her face.

The usual Saturday plan was scratched as with the party this afternoon it was decided that we would be against the time. I had wanted to take my son football but he came at me with several excuses involving the rain and how poorly he was so I figured one day didn't matter.

After a couple of hours at my partners we had to move into gear and start getting ready. We stopped at a few shops looking to get a cardigan to match my daughters dress and also some jeans for my son as his main pair are now ankle swingers. The cardigans I came across weren't very complimentary so didn't bother with them, the jeans on the other hand were great and came with a skull belt which looked great. I want one in my size now, he was impressed although even with the look working the catch wasn't strong so don't see it lasting.

Just in the process of getting them ready now, it's like preparing for the MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen [divided by two equals eight FTW]. Will update tomorrow with how the party turns out, we also have the fireworks display at my parents this evening - which will hopefully see the only fireworks of today - which is like an after party to an extent. Happy Birthday to my baby who looks beautiful and hoping that today is everything that she dreamed it would be!