Friday, November 21, 2008

I caught cornflakes disease!

Drop Dead FredImage via WikipediaChecking my Outlook inbox when I arrived in work this morning there was an email sent to the entire company from our Managing Director which was received at 2am. With the current economic crisis you would be forgiven for expecting the worse although this was the reverse and contained very positive news.

Several members of the management team had attended an awards ceremony and our latest software initiative available for small business had cleaned house. Positive news for the whole company and 2009 is looking exciting. We were discussing the direction of the company and our own futures at the end of the day which was insightful.

Today was payday but with Christmas approaching I decided against a night out, want to get some presents before becoming adventurous. I also don't want to leave everything until the last minute but with Christmas falling in the middle of the week I am sure there will be the usual last minute fiasco. Also I have my children this weekend so I had to come home to them and the recipe for the evening was watching Drop Dead Fred. I thought that the movie would appeal to them and it proved to be a winner!
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