Monday, November 03, 2008


US Senator Barack Obama campaigning in New Ham...Image via WikipediaAs many as 130 million people, possibly even more are expected to turn out and vote tomorrow in what is set to be a historic day for many reasons. I am not one for politics but I must admit that I feel closer to the 2008 US Presidential election than I do events in Parliament here in the UK. If I could vote, I would be voting for Obama, in this campaign he appears to be the one looking like he could make a difference.

Sources state that where Frank Roosevelt was the first radio president and JFK the first TV president, Obama if elected will be the first president to understand how to use the Internet to his advantage. The latest polls show Obama some distance in front of McCain, both are campaigning through the night in a final push to sway voters.
Whatever the outcome, history will be made and to assist in keeping up on the latest I have embedded a FriendFeed widget below that is being updated in Real-time.

I will update this post with any further widgets that offer value...

FriendFeed widget

Here’s a choice mix where you can get the latest election updates and election results. [Source]

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