Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go West!

Descended on West London this afternoon to see what Westfield Shopping Center had to offer the likes of the Christmas shopping connoisseur. Considering that both West London clubs weren't in action today the traffic was an absolute nightmare. I can't imagine what it's like when Chelsea/Fulham are playing home matches. Google Maps guided us on our way like the North Star leading the shepherds, although 'with-traffic' needs some work as we were 'twenty minutes away' for a while.

Eventually after navigating through the traffic we arrived at the entrance to the Shopping Center parking area only to be turned away - like Mary and Joseph from the Hilton - for no apparent reason. Now heading in the opposite direction and unable to locate any alternative parking places I decided to u-turn and try again. Thankfully on the second attempt we arrived as they were moving the barriers to allow the traffic to flow through into the parking area. This aspect clearly needs some work!

Entering the parking area you are assisted in finding a space by indicators which are provided above every space and change colour (green/red) when empty/occupied. Parking is expensive at around two pound an hour although Sunday is free. Personally I think I will get the train the next time I venture over to the shopping center, if only just to compare the difference in travel times.

The Shopping Center itself is impressive and some of the display architecture is amazing. There aren't any fast food outlets which is good although when you have children they do provide a quick fix. That said they have a Nando's and Pizza Express upstairs! There are a few stores that aren't open yet, the Disney Store should be opening soon but a few won't be available until 2009. Overall Westfield Shopping Center has plenty to offer and hopefully I will be able to visit again before Christmas, possibly without the children as well to have a better look around.