Thursday, November 13, 2008

Think Weak!

Image representing Bill Gates as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseThis morning presented me with the usual rush to get ready, add into the mix too very tired children who preferred the warmth of the bed than the cold outside. Who could blame them really as given the choice I know what I would choose...

It's apparent at work that I am working later and skipping breaks, with overtime not available for permanent contract staff I don't get the benefits of the extended service. It can create problems at times with my personal life as with no real guarantee over when I will be finishing, meal times and activities are judged as and when possible.

I have been slowly trying to get a better understanding of programming languages. Not really made any real progress and ideally I need a Think Week like Bill Gates used to have so that I can concentrate.

Microsoft are in the news at the moment as they have transformed the Windows Live site into a social network. The overhaul allows for integration for Spaces, Hotmail, and Messenger. It's an interesting development but I don't see too many people switching from the likes of Facebook and MySpace. In other news Twitter has just passed the one-billion Tweet mark although we may never know who submitted this update as the profile is set to private!

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