Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First impressions

Gary and RobertImage by thinkjose via FlickrThis evening whilst online frequenting my usual sites I was alerted to a video reaction by Gary Vaynerchuk to comments that Howard Stern had made. The tweet from Robert Scoble was hard not to be intrigued by as when I noticed his enthusiasm on Twitter I couldn't help but feel the need to watch the whole reaction.

Howard Stern was asked which was more popular - social networking sites or pornography - clearly social networking is the Internets darling at the moment and Howard acknowledged that but also poked fun at it as more of a joke. This then progressed onto him criticising new media, obviously forgetting where he had come from and what he has built his career on.

In the above clip I have embedded from garyvaynerchuk.com - Howard is played in the background via YouTube and he is attacking social networking sites and bloggers and the content we put out there for the world to read and digest. At times Howard sounded mocking and really on the defensive about 'his brand' and what Gary described as old media. Luckily we had someone with Gary Vaynerchuk's energy in our defense as he dissected everything with an accurate analysis of the industry. This is the first time I have watched any of Gary's videos but I have subscribed to his RSS and will watch intently for more from him!

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